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Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani star in ‘Him and Her.’  (BBC)

We were already sweet on British actor Russell Tovey, who has starred in Looking, Being Human and now Banished, but his recent activity on Twitter has reinforced our affection for him, spotted by RadioTimes.

He had a typical night out at the theater but woke up to this:

At first glance you might think, “Well, call 999 (the U.K. version of 911),” but he slowed his roll and apparently tried to figure out who she was and how she got there before doing anything drastic. Actually, he first locked himself in his bedroom with his dog Rocky:

The above announcement was followed by two short tweets, with Tovey writing, “Omg,” and “Oh god.” Anyone who was following Tovey in real time might have been seriously worried.

But then things took a turn for the better, with Tovey figuring out the identity of his unexpected houseguest:

She had been let in while Tovey was asleep. He tried to make her feel comfortable:

His hospitality was worn thin though when this happened:

Tovey gave his guest the name #CouchGirl because she never left the couch:

We take that back, she left the couch for a change of atmosphere … in his bed:

#CouchGirl finally skedaddled, but not before finishing off all the milk and snacks, but even so, Tovey had this to say:

Funnily enough, Tovey’s character in the British TV series Him and Her never left the flat. That was part of the premise of the romantic comedy: He and his girlfriend (Sarah Solemani) would have the best intentions to go out, but they were too content to leave.

Maybe Tovey had a soft spot for #CouchGirl based on his role as Steve in Him and Her ?

How do you think Tovey handled the situation?

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