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Inside the sun (Pic: NSF/NCSA)
Inside the sun (Pic: NSF/NCSA)
Inside the sun (Pic: NSF/NCSA)

Should you be considering a visit to your local planetarium or science center over the next few days, check and see if they are showing a documentary called Solar Superstorms. It’s a vivid, glowing journey into our own sun, explaining how it came to be formed, and it is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which means you get to hear some very useful and interesting scientific facts about the effect the sun has on Earth—most notably that it could soak the planet with waves of supercharged particles that would stop our communications technology form operating—all delivered through that deep and mellifluous Cumberbatch purr, and this time he doesn’t even have to try and say penguin.

Here’s a sample clip:

And there are four others available on the website for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, for a longer and more satisfying hit of pure Cumberba… er, science.

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