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Benedict Cumberbatch in 'Black Mass' (Pic: Warner Bros)
Benedict Cumberbatch in 'Black Mass' (Pic: Warner Bros)
Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Black Mass’ (Pic: Warner Bros)

As reported back in May, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the star names in Black Mass, a tale of organised crime, corruption and violence starring Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton and Kevin Bacon.

The movie describes the criminal exploits of Whitey Bulger, Boston gangster and avoider of justice, and points the finger at various authority figures for failing to properly address his reign of crime with due diligence. It’s based on the book Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI, and a Devil’s Deal by Gerard O’Neill, and it .

Benedict plays Whitey’s brother Billy, a respectable lawyer, and president of not only the Massachusetts Senate but also the University of Massachusetts.

The main trailer has arrived, and apart from the odd slightly dodgy wig here and there, looks pretty good:

Black Mass is in theaters on September 18.

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By Fraser McAlpine