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Peter Capaldi in 'Doctor Who' (Pic: BBC)
Peter Capaldi in 'Doctor Who' (Pic: BBC)
Peter Capaldi in ‘Doctor Who’ (Pic: BBC)

The whole point of any good trailer, especially one for a hugely popular TV show, is to make people ask questions about the information they’ve just been given, and the trailer for Doctor Who Season Nine, as revealed yesterday during the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con, is a very good trailer.

Questions we would currently like the answers to include:

  • Why is the Doctor wearing shades?
  • Who or what is he speaking about when he says “It’s impossible, I hate it, it’s evil, it’s astonishing,” and is he referring to the same thing or person when he then says, “I want to kiss it to death”?
  • Why is he playing a B5 power chord on an electric guitar (unless it is in some curious Gallifreyan tuning or is actually some other device in the shape of an electric guitar)?
  • Is that a new sonic?
  • Is that Zygon just a Zygon or a Zygon disguised as another Zygon?
  • Who would dare to try to assassinate Missy?
  • Is that sparkling citadel Gallifrey?
  • Has the Doctor relaxed his rules on hugging?
  • Is he wearing his old First Doctor trousers?
  • Who is this (at least) two-faced, three-armed person, playing a four-handed solo card game and drinking for three?

Doctor Who Season Nine Trailer

And finally, just what is that business with Maisie Williams at the end all about? Is this a returning character or was the Doctor just not expecting to see her there, doing whatever she may have been doing?

All the answers (and let’s face it, a LOT more questions) will be available when Doctor Who returns on September 19.

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By Fraser McAlpine