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The Doctor Who Experience already takes place in Cardiff, Wales. (BBC)
The Doctor Who Experience already takes place in Cardiff, Wales. (BBC)

The launch of the new Lego Dimensions game clearly means we’re not getting any work done this fall. Entertainment Weekly called it a “fan fiction writer’s dream,” with the game’s use of characters from various sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture worlds, all colliding together in one universe, in Lego form. Heroes like Gandalf, Batman, Doc Brown, Scooby-Doo and others team up to fight the world’s evil. Whovians will be thrilled to know that the Whoniverse is part of this universe, with the Doctor, Clara, and Missy (the Master) appearing in the game.

Here’s the trailer for Lego Dimensions:

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez all lent their voices to Lego Dimensions, and they turned up alongside Steven Moffat at an event at San Diego Comic-Con celebrating the September release. They all seemed genuinely thrilled with the product, which they played for the crowd.

Steven Moffat called it “remarkable,” noting “the level of detail and accuracy” that went into replicating the world of Doctor Who in the game. “The cinematic quality is absolutely extraordinary,” added Peter Capaldi. “It’s very witty. It’s funny.”

“Being a Lego villain is definitely at the top of my bucket list,” joked Michelle Gomez. “And I have the hope to be cool, and my son thinks that I’m not cool.”

Some of the game’s bells and whistles left the room abuzz. Notably, when playing the Doctor Who level of the game, the player can choose to be any of the Doctors (yes, including John Hurt‘s War Doctor) and select any of the various TARDIS interiors from the show’s history.

Capaldi gushed, “If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll find [in the game] a lot of fabulous stuff, particularly being able to go through all of Doctors and being able to go through all of their TARDISes. I mean, that’s amazing. I wanna play. Can I get one?”

In another nod to Who history, K-9 makes an appearance and baddies like the Daleks, Davros, and the Cybermen darken the Doctor’s doorstep to wreak havoc. But, given the links between the different pop culture universes, the Doctor could just as easily be seen racing around in the Batmobile as he is flying his blue box.

Still the creators insist that the game is true to the show. Speaking about the Lego version of his character, Capaldi says, “Absolutely, to me, it’s the Doctor. That’s who I’m playing. It’s a different technique obviously because you don’t have my expressive face there to add more tonality to my delivery.” (To which Steven Moffat quipped to Peter, “You’re competitive with some Lego!”)

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By Kevin Wicks
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