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It’s easy enough to send off an email or instant message on Facebook to keep in touch with friends, but it’s much more fun to pop something in the mail. Some British celebrities have been celebrating the art of writing letters through reading them aloud.

We’re keen on the personal touch and have taken our correspondence a step further by sending an American care package to a British friend in London, topped up with U.S. goodies … like, yes, cheese in a can, which, in our defense, was in fact a request:

The Sir Mix-a-a-Lot tee inspired the gift giving, and the rest fell into place. (Facebook)
The Sir Mix-a-Lot tee (or vest) inspired the gift giving, and the rest fell into place. (Facebook)

And now we’ve been invited to receive a care package (or parcel) from the U.K. with the response, “Do you want any Brit stuff?! I think people need to post more things to each other. I’m going to start too!”

We wouldn’t expect a care package in return, but since she’s asked, here’s our wish list.

You can check out the gallery of British care package items here.

Yes, our care package may require a Mary Poppins-like satchel to fit everything, but again, it’s a wish list. We don’t expect everything to make the cut, just the essentials.

It’s not the same as catching up in person, but exchanging items from your corners of the world is far more memorable than that quickie e-note. It’s a fun way to keep in touch in between actual visits.

Do you have a British pen pal? What would be in your “to” or “from” care package?

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By Brigid Brown