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Harry Potter (Pic: Warner Bros)
Harry Potter (Pic: Warner Bros)
Harry Potter (Pic: Warner Bros)

It seems inconceivable that anyone would believe that a new series of Harry Potter novels might be on the way, given that J.K. Rowling has been fairly clear that this isn’t the case.

However, it’s not that long since everyone believed that she’d washed her hands of the Potterverse for good and gone into writing crime fiction, and now we’ve got three magical movies and a play on the way, so you can forgive the hordes of Twitter users who discovered that #NewHarryPotterBooks was trending, and got a little bit carried away.

Sadly, the hashtag came not from the press office of a publishing house with the Rowling signature still drying on a new contract, but from a game on the Comedy Central TV show Midnight, as hosted by Chris Hardwick:

And for a while, people enjoyed playing the game…

With perhaps the odd note of sourness here and there…

…until eventually there was just a sea of crushed hopes and thwarted expectations…

So thank the magical deity of your choice for Simon Pegg and his ever-reliable pick-me-up character, Drunk Ron Weasley. His chaotic appearance on Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon might provide just the right magical lift for Potter fans in these times of severely bruised expectations:

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Harry Potter!

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By Fraser McAlpine