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Amy Winehouse (Pic: Shaun Curry/Getty Images)
Amy Winehouse (Pic: Shaun Curry/Getty Images)
Amy Winehouse (Pic: Shaun Curry/Getty Images)

The Amy Winehouse documentary Amy is released on July 3. It’s an attempt to pull together old, lost and familiar footage of Amy in action, and use it to tell her life story using her own words, and the words of people intimately involved in her life.

This has not been an uncontroversial thing to do, and there’s already been a falling-out between Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse and the film’s director Asif Kapadia (Senna) concerning how the story is told and what inferences can be drawn from her life.

But amid the arguing and concern, there are sweet moments like this clip, in which a teenage Amy larks about with a gang of mates, singing Happy Birthday to a friend with deliberately over-the-top showbiz mannerisms and collapsing into giggles as soon as a camera is pointed her way:

Amy is released to select theaters July 3 and then nationwide from July 10. Here’s the trailer:

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