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Winslet reunites with Alan Rickman in the 2015 film 'A Little Chaos'. (BBC)

Kate Winslet reunites with one of her first leading men in the June 2015 release of A Little Chaos (June 26), starring opposite Alan Rickman, who also directed the film. Winslet and Rickman first starred together in the 1995 film Sense and Sensibility.

We’ve put together an album of Winslet and some of her leading men, kicking off with Sense and Sensibility, ending with A Little Chaos, creating Rickman bookends, and everyone else who falls in between … oh, you know, like Leonardo DiCaprio.

You can find the gallery here.

A Little Chaos hits U.S. theaters on Friday, June 26.

What’s your favorite Kate Winslet film? 

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By Brigid Brown