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Monsters of 'Doctor Who' (Pic: BBC)

We’ve spent some time finding out which of the 13 Doctors we are, which companion we may be, and even how Daleky we are, but until now we haven’t yet figured out which Doctor Who monster species most suits our individual quirks and foibles.

Some days you wake up feeling like you want to wipe the slate completely clean; other days it’s best just to delete what you did the day before and start all over again. And sometimes you’re in an Ood mood.

This quiz offers a definitive view, helping to sort the Sontarans from the Cybermen, the Angels from the Zygons.

Good luck, and remember, if you don’t like the results, just exterminate them and try again:

Note: don’t tell Davros on us, but this is a most unscientific quiz. Should you turn out to be an Ood in Cyber clothing, climb out of the armor and get on with your day.

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By Fraser McAlpine