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Professor Dumbledore will see you now. (Pic: Warner Bros.)

BBC AMERICA’s magical, mystical Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell has been popularly dubbed “Harry Potter for grown-ups,” which got us thinking about the grown-ups that are actually in Harry Potter, and, of course, one thing lead to another and with a swish of a magic wand (and quite a lot of typing), a personality quiz suddenly appeared.

So, which of the Hogwarts teachers most fits your particular quirks and traits? Whose polyjuice potion have you been drinking? Let’s stick our faces in this virtual pensieve and find out:

Note: no muggle science or magical proficiency has been used in the creation of this quiz. Let’s just say if it were a polyjuice potion, it would be an unreliable one that has the potential to turn you into a dragon, a boggart or even a puddle of butterbeer.

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By Fraser McAlpine