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If you’re not sure if a kiss is called for, lead with caution. (StudioCanal)

When Simon Pegg commits to a character, he really commits. His awkward level is nearing a code red in the recently released scene for his new movie Man Up.

We’ve seen two short trailers for the romantic comedy also starring American actress Lake Bell (How to Make it in America), who dons a British accent for her role as his mistaken blind date Nancy.

The teasers introduced the storyline, but witnessing Pegg in full-force in the below scene, answering what he presumes to be her fictional “emergency exit phone call,” gives us a whole new perspective on what to expect:

To balance out Pegg’s foot-in-mouth syndrome, here’s a look at Bell having an at-ease sit-down with BBC News to talk about the film, mastering the accent, and … chips.

Do you have a blind date story you’d like to share with … all of us!!

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By Brigid Brown