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Simon Pegg plus best friend in 'Absolutely Anything' (Pic: Lionsgate)
Simon Pegg plus best friend in 'Absolutely Anything' (Pic: Lionsgate)
Simon Pegg plus best friend in ‘Absolutely Anything’ (Pic: Lionsgate)

Talk about Star Wars! It’s not often you get to see quite so many of British comedy’s finest talents in the same movie at the same time. It’s even rarer that the movie in question features contributions from all five of the remaining Monty Python team, so hats should be in a fairly off position for the arrival of the first trailer for Absolutely Anything.

It’s the story of Neil Clarke (played by Simon Pegg), a schlubby teacher who has been chosen at random to be given ultimate power, as a test to try and work out if there is any inherent decency to humanity. The test has been administered by a panel of aliens, voiced by John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones (who directed the film) and naturally, Neil makes a bit of a hash of it.

And if the trailer seems a bit overwhelming at first (all those stars! One after the other! Kate BeckinsaleEddie Izzard! Joanna Lumley! Sanjeev Bhaskar! ) here’s the clip showing Neil teaching his dog Dennis to talk in the voice of the late Robin Williams:

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By Fraser McAlpine