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Walthamstow's bus heroics (Pic: YouTube)
Walthamstow's bus heroics (Pic: YouTube)
Walthamstow’s bus heroics (Pic: YouTube)

Were this not such a serious situation, some of the details in this story might appear to be a little comic, not least because it involves a vehicle that is usually associated with circus clowns and jugglers. But while it’s definitely not funny, there’s a heartwarming side to this story, as it’s about unconnected strangers working together to help try and save the life of one person.

Yesterday, a man riding a unicycle in Walthamstow, East London was hit by a double-decker bus. He was trapped underneath the vehicle, which stopped at an intersection that is surrounded on all sides by shops and restaurants, and very soon, a crowd of concerned onlookers had surrounded the bus, trying to figure out how they could be of assistance.

What happened next, as the blogs say, is simply mind-blowing.

According to eye-witness reports, the crowd surrounded the bus (which weighs around 12 metric tons), and lifted it off the man, moving it several feet to the side, in the middle of a busy road. Zafer Sari was on hand, and filmed part of the desperate struggle.

Fair warning: due to the drama playing out, there’s a certain amount of distress evident in the clip’s sountrack:

Speaking to the Evening Standard, eyewitness Kyra Sam said everything happened incredibly quickly: “I’m really amazed at the strength of Walthamstow – no one hesitated to push the bus off, I was in shock. Everyone really came together to help – it was really nice to see that in the face of something so awful.”

Sami Ullah, who owns the nearby café Directors Cut café, said: “We saw people leaving their chairs at Turtle Bay and Pizza Express and running towards the road. We saw people actually coming out of the bus as well. Everybody was shouting and screaming.

“Then all of the people tried to somehow move the bus a little bit.”

Confirming that there have been no arrests, Scotland Yard said: “The male unicyclist was taken by ambulance to an east London hospital where his condition is believed to be serious.”

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