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The Union Flag (Pic: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

National identity can act like a magnet that brings some people together and pushes others apart with equal strength. And to make the magnetic fields even more complicated, as a combination nation, the United Kingdom has its own national identity, but then the individual national identities of the four countries (also called the home nations) that make up the U.K.—England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And then there’s the duchy of Cornwall, the channel islands Jersey and Guernsey, the Shetlands, the Scillys, the Orkneys, the Isle of Man, all with their own unique outlook and personality, and that’s before we get into the counties and cities, hills and valleys. It’s an identity trifle. But also still a magnet containing a series of magnets.

So, basically, if you wish to associate yourself with any of the home nations in the United Kingdom, here’s a quiz to help you get started. Anything that happens after this will require further reading.

(Note: no science—including sociology—has been used in the creation of this quiz. Should you not get the result you want, don’t invade anywhere.)

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By Fraser McAlpine