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“I’m feeling peckish, should we head to the food court … oh, what’s this?” (UKTV)

When we first learned a six-foot statue of Benedict Cumberbatch was being made out of chocolate, to go on display at London’s Westfield center, it made us ask, “Will it be eaten?”

It’d be a shame to let 40,000 grams (169 cups) of melted chocolate go to waste. Sure, the chocolate statue could sit on display for a while, but it would eventually turn into that light chalky color and flake away.

Our Busy Benedict deserves better than that, right?

What did happen is the UKTV creators put the statue on display, with no barrier, no guards, and left it to the public to determine the statue’s fate in The Chocolate Cumberbatch Temptation Experiment.

Of course, there were cameras on hand to catch visitors in the act of snapping, posing, oogling, licking, and breaking off bits, which you can watch in the below clip:

It took 250 man-hours to create the life-size statue. We wonder how long it took to consume it.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a ‘Chocobatch’? 

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By Brigid Brown