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Sesame Street's Game of Chairs (Pic: PBS)
Sesame Street's Game of Chairs (Pic: PBS)
Sesame Street’s Game of Chairs (Pic: PBS)

This must surely have provoked quite a complicated series of explanations between parents and children over the Easter weekend.

Sesame Street has created a very detailed parody of Game of Thrones entitled Game of Chairs, the winner of which will become the king or queen of (drumroll) Jesteros (TISH!).

It’s a lot like a game familiar to anyone who’s been to a child’s birthday party over the last 50 years or so. There are four contestants and three chairs, and one one without a chair is out.

The only difference this time is that there are dragons and the chairs are made of discarded sports equipment. And Grover is involved:

Note: this should not be taken as an invitation to share the actual Game of Thrones with the little dickens in your life.

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By Fraser McAlpine