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So many cameras, where to look? MARK GRAHAM/AFP/Getty Images)
So many cameras, where to look? MARK GRAHAM/AFP/Getty Images)
“So many cameras, where to look?” (Getty Images)

Is Prince Harry becoming wiser in his 30th year? Possibly.

Or he really just doesn’t like selfies.

The young prince made a visit to Canberra, Australia on Monday (April 5) prior to his beginning a month-long assignment with the Australian Army.

He made an official public appearance in Canberra, where he took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, and spoke to some young fans afterward. A teenage girl asked for a selfie, in which he replied, “No, I hate selfies,” reports Yahoo!.

He cheekily advised the teenager, “I know you’re young, but selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph.”

Well, we suspect the girl wanted to be in the snap, and that’s one way to go about it when there are barriers between you and your idol.

Regardless, we’re sure the fan was pleased to engage with the prince whether or not she got her selfie.

Selfies are out, but photo bombs are okay, Harry? Hmm.

Do you think she’ll follow his advice going forward?

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By Brigid Brown