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)Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
)Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Is this your “I’m a baddie, deal with it,” face David? (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

We’re used to seeing David Tennant play the good guy in series like Doctor Who and Broadchurch, but this time around he’s getting a villainous makeover in Netflix’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

The 13-part online series follows a female superhero, played by Don’t Trust the B___ in Apartment 23’s Krysten Ritter, who has hung up her costume and is working to get her life back on track. Her plans are upset when she runs into her longtime adversary Zebediah Kilgrave, a.k.a. Purple Man (Tennant).

RadioTimes has tweeted a sneak peek of Tennant opposite Ritter on set:

So that’s what Kilgrave looks like. Now what about Purple Man?

If you can’t quite picture Tennant with a grape-like hue, possibly this Marvel drawing will help:

A bad guy with a bad guy alter ego: that’s a lot of bad. (Marvel)

What do you think of the surname Kilgrave … bit of foreshadowing? 

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By Brigid Brown