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“I’m Alan Partridge, what would you like to know?” (BBC)

Steve Coogan is currently starring in Showtime’s Happyish, but that doesn’t mean Alan Partridge is off on holiday.

Partridge is busy penning a new book, which is the follow up to his 2011 tell-all book I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan, reports RadioTimes.

Partridge will be the one sat down at the keyboard, telling his autobiographical tale, but he may recruit Coogan to help fill in some of the blanks, with some help from screenwriter friends Ron and Neil Gibbons.

The forthcoming book, which is expected to be out in October 2016, will detail the radio presenter’s thoughts on climate change, his row with Allan Partridge Plastics Ltd., and bad driving, arriving in the form of essays, diary entries, think pieces, program and business ideas.

RadioTimes had a chance to catch up with the public figure, with Partridge saying, “What does it take to be a professional book writer? Firstly, a good idea. Easy, got loads of them. Secondly, a writing style that’s visceral yet populist.”

He seems to have a plan … and a good vocabulary.

Are you looking forward to Coogan’s … err, Partridge’s … new book?

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By Brigid Brown