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David Tennant's birthday card to 'Doctor Who' (Pic: Radio Times)
David Tennant's birthday card to 'Doctor Who' (Pic: Radio Times)
David Tennant’s birthday card to ‘Doctor Who’ (Pic: Radio Times)

Radio Times came up with an inspired way to mark the decade since the new series of Doctor Who started. They simply asked as many of the people who had been involved over the last ten years to send Doctor Who a birthday message, which they then made into handy images to spread about on social media.

And some of the responses are ridiculously charming. Here’s 10 of the best, starting with the man who kicked the whole thing off again, Christopher Eccleston:

David Tennant is reassured that his childhood memories are secured for future generations:

Matt Smith makes the “ten years/tenures” pun. For which he deserves a round of applause:

Karen Gillan queries the math…

Arthur Darvill wants jelly and ice-cream…

Freema Agyeman does for “capturing/catapulting” what Matt did for “tenure”…

Steven Moffat offers a paternal pat on the shoulder…

John Barrowman salutes like a true captain would…

John Hurt is a lot friendlier than the War Doctor…

Billie Piper forgot that the third and fourth lines in a limerick have to rhyme.

“His companions are smashing,” perhaps?

And to round off the birthday party in time-honored fashion, here’s Peter Capaldi singing “Happy Birthday” to the Doctor:

And his personal reminiscence on his first look at “Rose” back in 2005, both clips courtesy of Doctor Who’s official YouTube channel.

For more of these cards, including those sent by Russell T Davies, Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg, visit the Radio Times website.

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By Fraser McAlpine