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The Doctor and friends (Pic: BBC)
The Doctor and friends (Pic: BBC)
The Tenth Doctor and friends (Pic: BBC)

In the 10 years since the revived Doctor Who began, six official “full-time” companions (along with a slew of other shorter-term passengers, who may or may not count as “companions” depending on how you want to argue it) have passed through the doors of the TARDIS. In that time, they’ve shared many a memorable, iconic, or just downright awesome moment as they’ve battled monsters, helped out the Doctor in times of need, and—most importantly—served as the viewer’s entry point into this mad, crazy, fantastic universe.

So to celebrate a decade of new Doctor Who (officially on March 26), here’s a rundown of our favorite moments from each major companion:

Rose Tyler says goodbye

There are of course countless moments throughout Rose (Billie Piper)’s two full seasons (and subsequent guest appearances) of her being generally awesome that we could have chosen. But it’s fair to say that no companion has ever had a scene as absolutely riddled with emotion as her (first) farewell to the Doctor, back in 2006’s “Doomsday.” If this doesn’t get you tearing up just at the thought of it, then we can only conclude it’s the first Doctor Who clip you’ve ever actually seen.

Captain Jack Harkness flies (on) the TARDIS


(Source: doctorwhogifs on Tumblr)

We will never, ever get tired of watching the immortal Captain Jack (John Barrowman) become the first (but not the only, thanks to a similar trip by Clara in “The Time of the Doctor”) person to survive a trip through the time vortex clinging to the outside of the TARDIS, at the beginning of the season three episode “Utopia.” The only disappointment is that this footage wasn’t somehow worked into the show’s opening titles as a special one-off.

Martha Jones versus the 1910s

martha1 martha2 martha3 martha4 martha5 martha6 martha7 martha8

(Source: thebloodymaze on Tumblr)

One of the most startling elements of the 2007 story “Human Nature” is its exploration of the societal differences between its pre-World War I setting and the present day. Nowhere is this more evident than when the otherwise likable and well-meaning Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes) dismisses Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) in a manner rooted in the prejudices of the era. Martha’s immediate response demonstrates just how little nonsense she was ever prepared to take.

Donna Noble turns left

“Poor Donna” seems to be the byword for Catherine Tate‘s tenure in the TARDIS—with the ending to her story proving particularly tragic as she was never allowed to remember her glorious adventures. But she makes an even bigger sacrifice in the closing moments of season four’s “Turn Left”: in order to bring an end to the terrifying parallel timeline in which the Doctor is dead and the Earth is dying, the alternate version of Donna makes the decision to commit suicide, preventing her “other” self from turning in the wrong direction.

Amy Pond is not the Doctor

amy1 amy2 amy3 amy4 amy5 amy6 amy7 amy8 amy9 amy10

(Source: dwgifs on Tumblr)

Chilling stuff in the alternate timeline of “The Wedding of River Song” as Amy (Karen Gillan) ruthlessly shows Madame Kovarian that not all companions need to act in the way the Doctor would—and that the one thing you never do to a fiery Scotswoman is kidnap her daughter.

River Song jumps out of an airlock

River (Alex Kingston) shows the Doctor how to make an entrance. And an exit, come to that.

Rory Williams faces down the Cybermen

rory1 rory2 rory3 rory4 rory5 rory6 rory7 rory8

(Source: arthurdrvill on Tumblr)

When Rory (Arthur Darvill) was first introduced as the bumbling but lovable boyfriend of new companion Amy Pond back in “The Eleventh Hour,” few could have predicted that one day (in season six’s “A Good Man Goes To War,” to be precise) he’d be facing down an entire Cyber Legion on the bridge of their command ship while their fleet explodes in the background. But such are the heights of awesomeness to which Rory managed to ascend during his time onboard the TARDIS. That’s what 2,000 years as an Auton waiting outside a box for your wife will do for you.

Clara Oswald saves all the Doctors

In 2013, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations got off to a surprise early start with “The Name of the Doctor,” the opening scene of which finally answered the mysteries surrounding the Doctor’s newest companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). In this fantastic sequence, we learned (although we didn’t find out exactly why until later in the episode) that Clara has lived many lives throughout the Doctor’s personal timeline, showing up at crucial moments to help and/or rescue just about every single one of his incarnations.

What are your favorite companion moments?

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