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Last week the internet was taken over by the white gold versus black blue dress debate (insert groan after hearing about it again), followed by talk of rogue llamas on the run, with the latest viral sensation credited to an English amateur photographer who has snapped a baby weasel riding a woodpecker in mid-flight.

English photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, caught the surprising combination while visiting Hornchurch Country Park in London on Monday afternoon, reports BBC News.

At first glance people might think, “Aw, look how cute that is, the woodpecker is giving him a lift,” but the weasel wasn’t being chummy, and was actually trying to take the woodpecker down, possibly for a lunchtime snack.

Le-May was strolling through the park with his wife when he heard a “distressed squawking noise.” He told BBC News, “I soon realized it was a woodpecker with some kind of small mammal on its back.”

He describes how he snapped the image in the below clip via NBC News:

Le-May was happy to report that the woodpecker landed safely sans weasel.

He is quite pleased with the attention his photograph is getting, having told the BBC, “I’m so proud so many people are getting to see my image. I’m totally taken aback by the response to it.”

The photo is making the rounds, with media outlets discussing its authenticity, and Bravo’s Andy Cohen featuring the photo as the Mazel of the Day on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

And, of course, Twitter users are getting in on the act:

What were your thoughts when first seeing this photo?

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