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John Smith's 'Dematerialisation' (Pic: YouTube)
John Smith's 'Dematerialisation' (Pic: YouTube)
John Smith’s ‘Dematerialisation’ (Pic: YouTube)

As we have already taken our hats off to the Whovian YouTubery of John Smith, most notably when he made the Twelfth Doctor promo Rain, and the tense Weeping Angels short film Stone, we’re going to all have to put them back on again, just so we can doff them in his direction once more.

His latest work Dematerialisation concerns the TARDIS, and what it must look like to watch it travel from one place to another if you could remain in the same dimension throughout.

Or, as John explains it: “Since the TARDIS’ dematerialization effect has remained largely unchanged for the past fifty years, I thought it might be interesting to try out a new approach.

“This is my attempt at capturing what traveling through time and space might look like from the point of view of the TARDIS – from take-off to landing, all in one shot.”

And you have to admit, he’s done a startlingly good job:

Now, where’s my hat?

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By Fraser McAlpine