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'Sherlock's family portrait, with Una Stubbs on the far right (Pic: BBC)
'Sherlock's family portrait, with Una Stubbs on the far right (Pic: BBC)
‘Sherlock’s family portrait, with Una Stubbs on the far right (Pic: BBC)

There’s a nice little interview at the Radio Times site with Sherlock‘s Una Stubbs—the veteran British actress and household name who plays the long-suffering Mrs. Hudson—about the filming of this year’s one-off special.

Most particularly, she says she was delighted to be playing the same role as usual but in a different costume, as it has a Victorian setting—“Corsets and bustles and wigs, it was gorgeous wearing all that”—and that a real sense of family has developed among the regular cast members: “You realize how attached you are to people when you see them again. It was lovely”

She also lent her voice to the so-called “Setlock” debate—the phenomenon of fans turning up in droves wherever the show is being filmed, with some discussion as to whether this is intrusive or obstructive.

She said: “There were crowds there when we were filming. You know, a really unbelievable amount. Twelve deep [on] all the roads around there, which is extraordinary. I’ve never known the like.”

But rather than offer any note of chastisement to anyone, she merely notes that Sherlock fans are very respectful—”as good as gold”—putting this down to the intense support the show has received worldwide: “It’s extraordinary, the devotion.”

“I don’t think anybody could imagine that it would be this big, and that Benedict and Martin would become absolute overnight stars.

“It’s lovely. You just feel blimmin’ lucky.”

Note: blimmin’ (or blimming) is one of those moderate British intensifiers created to add emphasis but avoid swearing. It’s a step above very and one or two below flipping. Fricking is a dot in the sky by comparison.

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By Fraser McAlpine