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Nothing like a mother’s love as seen in Savage Grace. (IFC Films)

Eddie Redmayne is blessed with those boyish looks, but he’s actually 33 years old, and has been honing his skills as an actor for a while. To some, it may seem like he became Great Britain’s “It” guy overnight, winning a 2015 Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything; but, that’s not the case, and here’s a look at some of his earlier roles available online:

1. Savage Grace
You won’t be able to look at Redmayne the same again. Julianne Moore and Redmayne play a mother and son in this true tale, revolving around their very wealthy family, the Baeklands. The Baekland clan is credited with creating plastic that could retain shape when heated. So, when we say wealthy, we mean stinkin’ filthy rich. As the saying goes, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

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2. My Week with Marilyn 
Yes, that Marilyn. In this biographical film, Redmayne takes on the role of Colin Clark, who was third assistant director on The Prince and the Showgirl, starring Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) and Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh). Monroe took a fancy to Clark, which resulted in his keeping her company in London.

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3. Hick
The cardinal rule of driving long distance: Don’t pick up hitchhikers (unless you’re in a spaceship and the earth is about to explode). Redmayne’s character ignores this rule when seeing a young girl on the side of the road, played by Chloë Grace Moretz. He goes against his better judgment, even saying to himself, “Oh my lord, what in the world is in store for me?”

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4. Black Death
Redmayne portrays a monk in Medieval England when the bubonic plague breaks out. If that weren’t enough, he finds himself in love. Umm, monks can’t date. With a lot on his mind, he looks for a sign, which comes in the form of Sean Bean. Bean plays a knight who needs a guide to a nearby village. Redmayne takes the job.

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5. Les Misérables
Finally, love. Real love. The above films contained a hint of romance, but always unrequited or just flat out inappropriate. Redmayne portrays Marius, a rebel student in love with Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), the daughter of a deceased factory worker in 19th century France. The feelings are mutual, but Corsette’s mysterious past pulls her away from him.

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Which one are you going to watch first?

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By Brigid Brown