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Benedict Cumberbatch and Ellen Degeneres (Pic: Very Good)
Benedict Cumberbatch and Ellen Degeneres (Pic: Very Good)
Benedict Cumberbatch and Ellen Degeneres (Pic: Very Good)

This is the latest in an ongoing series in which we show Benedict Cumberbatch being gracious in an interview for which the questions must have been prepared without taking into account any other interviews that may have happened before. Now that he’s been nominated for an Academy Award, this will probably keep happening for a while.

Not that his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is in any sense dreary or obvious, but you do start to wonder just how many times he can answer the question about Cumberbitches or photobombing or Alan Rickman without starting to fray at the edges.

Thankfully there are other things to talk about, and if you’re going to talk about photobombing again, it may as well be with the person whose vodka fuelled that very first jump at last year’s Academy Awards.

Here’s the introductory element, in which Benedict is trapped by Ellen in a fairy costume, backstage at the Oscars (slightly NSFW, language-wise), and discusses baby names, as crowdsourced by Twitter:

And here he is playing an “imitation game”, again:

Lord alone knows what he’ll be expected to do when he’s out on the chat show circuit promoting Doctor Strange. Something involving rubber gloves and stethoscopes, no doubt.

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By Fraser McAlpine