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James Franco in 'True Story.'
James Franco in 'True Story.'
James Franco in ‘True Story.’

One film getting attention on Sundance’s opening weekend was True Story, in which James Franco plays a man charged with killing his wife and children who’s taken on the identity of a disgraced New York Times journalist.

This legal-drama thriller, which also stars Jonah Hill and Felicity Jones, has been brought to the screen by acclaimed British theater director Rupert Goold making his feature film debut.

He confirms that moving into filmmaking was a bit daunting, but he found the fact that he’d made a couple of TV films of Shakespeare’s work helped.

“I think the biggest change for me was being in the States and making an American movie with American stars. I was very grateful for Felicity Jones being there as well,” he says.

Jones is underused in the film, but she has one extremely powerful scene in which she proves her mettle as an actress.

The film drew a mixed response. It was seen by many critics as very well made, but some thought James Franco, because of his star power, couldn’t disappear sufficiently into the role.

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By Tom Brook