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Jennifer Saunders and Patsy Kensit in 'Absolutely Fabulous' (Pic: BBC)
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley in 'Absolutely Fabulous' (Pic: BBC)
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (Pic: BBC)

It pains me to have to write this, but it has been precisely a year and one day since last we troubled the internet with news of an Absolutely Fabulous movie. At the time, we were all cock-a-hoop with the idea that there would definitely be such a thing, and that it would be ready to start filming just as soon as Jennifer Saunders (a self-confessed procrastinatrix) had finished the script. Which would surely only be a matter of a couple of months at most, right? Maybe three..? Five? Or even nine at most?

Nope. It seems the first draft—the FIRST draft, though!—is only just finished. Which means we still have to allow a certain amount of time spent gussifying the speeches, getting the exactly correct amount of “sweetie darlings” in there, and generally getting everything ready for shooting. And this is some 20-odd years since the idea of a movie version of her most popular creation was first mooted. Do not start checking local listings just yet, is our best advice.

Still, at least there’s a title: Edina and Patsy. That’s a definite. Unless it changes.

Jennifer told the Sunday People: “I’ve finished the first draft. I’m feeling euphoric. My proper New Year’s resolution is to do the film, otherwise it’ll be a pointless year of procrastination.”

Yes, and we can’t have that, can we?

More news as we get it, hopefully before January 4th, 2016.

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By Fraser McAlpine