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Steven Moffat (Pic: Radio Times)
Steven Moffat (Pic: Radio Times)
Steven Moffat (Pic: Radio Times)

OK, so this is another video from the Radio Times Covers Party, just like the David Tennant one from yesterday, but it does contain a lot of information that Sherlock and Doctor Who fans will want to hear, particularly about how everything is going in the productions of both shows.

Radio had a chance to catch up with Steven Moffat at the event, and during their conversation he was able to address not only how the current series of Doctor Who is progressing and when Sherlock’s one-off Victorian special may be on the TV, but also the thorny issue of whether fans flocking to see Sherlock being filmed is annoying or not.

(For the full background to this, read Martin Freeman’s comments here)

It turns out, it is not. After praising the fans who do visit—referred to by the punning name Setlock—as “fantastic keepers of secrets, and incredibly well behaved and polite and sweet and nice,” Steven went on to explain: “Martin just made a very innocuous remark. He literally said ‘I don’t love it’. He doesn’t mind. We’re all genuinely –including Martin, including grumpy old me– very appreciative that people love our show so much, we’re thrilled by it in fact.”

All this and he’s never had a row with Mark Gatiss either.

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By Fraser McAlpine