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Australia has well-earned bragging rights having produced brilliant actors like Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush, and uniquely funky TV shows like Kath and Kim, but these 10 tasty treats are the real showstoppers. Today (January 26) marks Australia Day, the anniversary of the British arrival to Port Jackson, New South Wales, in 1788.

Let’s celebrate Australia one bite at a time:

1. Vegemite

Marmite‘s Aussie cousin: “You either love it or hate it.” (Wiki)

2. Tim Tam Biscuits

The Tim Tam Slam is the authentic Aussie way to dunk this chocolate biscuit. (

3. Foster’s

Sure, the beer is great, but the commercials are even better. (Foster’s)

4. Pie Face

Pie Face originated in XX, and has several locations in NYC. These savory pies just make us smile. (PieFace)
The smiley face drawn on each savory pie denotes the type of filling, which can range from BBQ pulled pork to Philly cheese steak. (Pie Face)

5. Crows Nest Soft Drinks

(Crows Nest)
This line of fizzy drinks has been quenching thirsts since 1903. (Crows Nest)

6. Twisties

This snack chip has some twisted flavors. (Twisties)
This snack chip has some twisted flavors. (Twisties)

7. Fantales

(Milk and Honey)
The bite-sized nugget of caramel, covered in chocolate, comes with movie trivia on the wrapper. (Milk and Honey)

8. Goon

Goon is a wine-like alcoholic drink that comes in a box, made with fish, fish eggs and fish products. (ManBase)

9. Suncoast Cold Macadamia Nuts

(Suncoast Gold)
Macadamias are indigenous to Australia. We dare you to try and eat just one. (Suncoast Gold)

10. Weet-Bix

These breakfast bars will break up into spoonfuls of cereal when hit with milk. (Weet-Bix)

Happy Australia Day!

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By Brigid Brown