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Eddie Redmayne models 'Brooklyn' (Pic: Rowan Yarns Facebook)
Eddie Redmayne models 'Brooklyn' (Pic: Rowan Yarns Facebook)
Eddie Redmayne models ‘Brooklyn’ (Pic: Rowan Yarns Facebook)

There are many wonderful and potentially embarrassing things that happen to young actors as they make their way from being completely unknown to their first Oscar nomination. The time spent dressed up as an item of food or a cute animal, the early experiments with disastrous hair products, the squeaky voice. It’s a minefield.

And oh look, here’s comes Oscar-nominated Eddie Redmayne, who recently had to re-enact the dance routine from his days in the West End revival of Oliver! for Graham Norton:

Now seems a good time to refer back to the delighted Facebook and Twitter posts by the knitting company Rowan Yarns back in 2013, when they first discovered they had a superstar in their own catalogue, from his days as a (very) young male model.

At the time of the discovery, he was best know for playing Marius in Les Misérables, but, as they brilliantly point out, “only the dedicated Rowan fans will recognize him from Rowan Denim People (2004), where can be seen modelling: ‘Brooklyn’ by Martin Storey, ‘Saucer’ by Carol Meldrum, ‘Combat’ by Carol Meldrum.”

And they’ve been pretty quick to remind people of this fact at other key moments in Eddie’s life. For example:

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of those photographs, should Eddie come back from the Academy Awards with the golden fella in his hands.

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