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Giles Coren (Photo: BBC AMERICA)
Giles Coren (Photo: BBC AMERICA)
Giles Coren (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

It is said that a positive review from British restaurant critic Giles Coren can be worth $1 million to an establishment. A towering figure in his field, Coren never spares his biting wit from his work, and his acerbic humor was on display during @MindTheGap_BBCA‘s #MindTheChat Q&A with him, Wednesday, January 21.

Tonight (January 22), Coren is launching his own BBC AMERICA series aptly titled Million Dollar Critic, in which he samples different restaurants in North American cities to find businesses worthy of his highly coveted written approval. Ahead of the premiere, we and our fellow #MindTheChatters took the opportunity to ask Coren about his favorite (and least favorite) meals and what he really thinks about American food.

First, Giles offered his take on tipping, a divisive subject for Brits and Americans:

If you’re in London, you might want to check out this hidden gem of a restaurant, on Giles’ recommendation:

Meanwhile, Giles revealed the worst restaurant he’s ever tried:

There are a few American food crazes that puzzle Giles, and he did not hesitate in outlining them:

Giles on what American restaurants routinely get wrong:

…and what they get right:

For Giles, the greatest American cuisine is south of the Mason-Dixon line:

And which is the better foodie city, London or New York? Giles’ answer:

Giles even weighed in on “emerging” cuisines of South America gaining international notice:

To watch Giles in action, here’s a trailer for Million Dollar Critic, which premieres tonight (Thursday, January 22) at 10 pm ET:

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By Kevin Wicks
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