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BBC Four's robotic orchestra (Pic: BBC)
BBC Four's robotic orchestra (Pic: BBC)
BBC Four’s robotic orchestra (Pic: BBC)

The Doctor Who theme, as written by Ron Grainer and orchestrated by Delia Derbyshire, is a bulletproof musical moment. No cover version on any instrument can damage its haunting beauty, and that includes instruments played by musicians who are no more human than a Cyberman’s ankle.

Which is just as well, seeing as this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (as shown this week on BBC Four) have featured a jam on this deathless classic by a group that includes a dot-matrix printer, members of the London Contemporary Orchestra and a robot playing lead theremin in its ranks:

Robots and humans, putting aside their differences and working side by side for the good of humanity, it’s exactly what Christmas should be about, is it not?

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By Fraser McAlpine