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An adorable kitten. (AP Images)
An adorable kitten. (AP Images)
An irresistibly adorable kitten. (AP Images)

Pet Relocation, based out of Austin, Texas, acts as a travel agent when relocating your pet, whether it be in the United States or overseas, offering services like corporate and military pet relocation, the relocation of large and exotic pets. We were joined by the company, tweeting from @PetRelocation, Wednesday (December 3) for a @MindtheGap_BBCA #MindTheChat Twitter session for guidance on how to work with your animal and around your profession during the relocation process. We also invited #MindTheChat followers and participants to send in photos of their animals!


Here’s what to do if your pet becomes ill and how to prevent air-sickness during flights:


How to acclimate your pet to traveling in a kennel:


What are the differences between how Brits and Americans four-legged friends?


Some great advice about traveling with cats:


Why you should never sedate a pet:


On the cost of relocating pets:


And how this stray dog from the Sochi Olympics got adopted:



And now here’s the animals you were promised!



For more information on relocating your pet, check out Pet Relocation’s official blog, see what customers are saying, and ask an expert any questions you have. And make sure to follow their Facebook page and Twitter account for constant updates about all the pets they’re helping move with their owners!

Join @MindTheGap_BBCA on Twitter every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm ET for a Q&A using hashtag #MindTheChat.

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By Helen Donahue