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Santa Claus visited Doctor Who land this year, and left us a fantastic present: “Last Christmas”, Peter Capaldi‘s first Christmas special in the role of the Time Lord. If you want to remind yourself of the episode in detail, here’s Fraser’s full recap — but in addition, below you’ll find our own personal trip through the high points of the special, rendered in animated GIF form by the users of Tumblr. And check out the Official Doctor Who Tumblr for even more!

1. We start, unsurprisingly, with Shona (Faye Marsay) dancing to Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody”: 

shonadance1 shonadance2 shonadance3 shonadance4 shonadance5 shonadance6 shonadance7 shonadance8

Source: stardust-pond

2. And then Clara rediscovering an old friend:

claratardis1 claratardis2

Source: pondragon

3. This piece of movie criticism from the Doctor:

alien1 alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5 alien6

Source: capaldi-fied

4. That brief, glorious moment when we all thought Santa (Nick Frost) might turn out to be a Time Lord:

biggerontheinside1 biggerontheinside2 biggerontheinside3

Source: peetahales

5. The revelation that elves use Tumblr, too:

feels1 feels2 feels3

Source: mockingday

6. When the end of Season 8 was addressed:

lying1 lying2 lying3 lying4 lying5 lying6

Source: attackoneyebrows

7. This chilling realization:

alldead-1 alldead-2 alldead-3 alldead-4 alldead-5 alldead-6

Source: crystelreerd

8. The last goodbye to Danny Pink:

danny1 danny2 danny3 danny4

Source: deadhpool

9. The whole of the sleigh ride, but especially this bit:

sleigh1 sleigh2 sleigh3 sleigh4 sleigh5 sleigh6

Source: attackoneyebrows

10. The Doctor only seeing Clara, not Clara’s age:

doctorclara-age1 doctorclara-age2

Source: 100percentrebeltimelord

11. And this absolutely heartbreaking parallel with “The Time of the Doctor”:

cracker1 cracker2 cracker3 cracker4 cracker5 cracker6

Source: gatissmark

12. And finally, the beginning of a whole new set of adventures:

ending-a1 ending-a2 ending-a3 ending-a4 ending-a5 ending-a6 ending-a7 ending-a8 ending-a9 ending-a10 ending-b1 ending-b2 ending-b3

Source: makethemintoshoes and fallen-sparrow

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By Seb Patrick