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Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in "Last Christmas"
Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in "Last Christmas"
Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in “Last Christmas”

Christmas is a time for many exciting things. Presents under the tree, visitations from a cheerful man in a red suit, and decking the halls with boughs of holly. Or, in the case of the Doctor Who fans of Twitter, Wholly.

To illustrate what we mean, here’s a selection of the festively themed Doctor Who images we’ve harvested off Twitter, starting with an unusual truce between three of the Doctor’s deadliest foes:

Speaking of the Doctor, here’s 12 of him:

“Have yourselves a Missy little Christmas…”

“Am I ginger?”

Joysleighriding; possibly the cause of future conflict between the Doctor(s) and Santa…

…unless they just swapped vehicles for the night.

The best dressed tree in the universe:

And finally, spare a thought for the species for whom festive stockings make no sense whatsoever.

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Doctor Who site is continuing their Countdown to Christmas with special daily treats that won’t rot your teeth or ruin your appetite. Like this:

And then there’s Jenna Coleman’s Questions from the TARDIS tin, wallpapers, and a free download of chapter one of Lights Out.

• The BBC have launched into their Christmas season with little station idents like this one, featuring a TARDIS tree:

They also included an affectionate fraction of “Last Christmas,” the Doctor Who Christmas special, in their trailer of future delights:

• Speaking of which, here’s an interview with Peter Capaldi in which he talks about the central role Doctor Who now plays in the British Christmas Day TV schedule: “it’s that very British mix of something a little bit scary and a little bit festive. It’s like that thing of always having a ghost story late on Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve or whatever; I think it fits into that tradition, which is wonderful.”

• There’s a gallery of pics from “Last Christmas” on the BBC America Doctor Who site, including this one of Clara looking perplexed:

Clara "Last Christmas" Doctor Who

• Prepare to see more of Missy – Steven Moffat has confirmed that he’s asked Michelle Gomez to reprise her role. “I can’t imagine anyone who’s ever watched this genre being convinced that she’s dead,” Moffat said. “The Master is never dead, no matter what happens to him or her. She’s entirely unzappable!”

• See what Michelle has to say about Missy’s return:

• Moffat has also spoken up about the Christmas special and calls it “The Thing meets Miracle on 34th Street – the movie we’ve all been waiting for. It’s certainly the strangest bloody thing I’ve ever written.”

Nick Frost, in the meantime, reveals a little more of the Santa/Doctor dynamic: “My Santa is cross, mean and curt as well as cheery and funny. He’s got a little bit of Robert De Niro in Mean Streets. And he has history with the Doctor: it’s not talked about explicitly but they have beef with each other from a way back.”

• Curious as to what your Time Lord name might be? Find out here.

• BBC Radio 4’s A History of Ideas has a quiz pitting the wit and wisdom of the Doctor against the greatest minds of philosophy. Match the quote to the right person (or Time Lord) and you win.

• Arthur Darvill discussed his new role on the London stage as Long John Silver in Treasure Island: “Long John Silver is charming and I suppose, I can vaguely be charming? I’ve been trying to focus on his positive attributes because the negatives — murder, theft, torture — are so negative. There’s got to be a reason why everyone follows him. He’s not physically the strongest, he’s not the loudest or most aggressive but he’s the kind of guy you think ‘Yeah, let’s definitely invite him to the party’.”

David Tennant and Billie Piper have both been nominated for the What’s On Stage Awards, respectively, for his role in Richard II, and for her role in Great Britain.

• We love this. An edit of some of the funniest and strangest bits of Season Eight of Doctor Who. Who said everything was all dark and scary these days?

Billie Piper turned on the Christmas lights for the community of Steele’s Village, London:

• Popsugar shows you how to make DIY Doctor Who snowflakes.

• BBC America is streaming one Christmas special entirely for free on the website. Vote for your favorite!

• And finally, let’s go out with something distinctly odd, but pretty nonetheless. YouTuber Omni Verse has created this montage of the first 15 minutes of 707 episodes of Doctor Who. That’s all of the classic series in one go. See if you can make it all the way to the end:

TTFN, assuming your minds aren’t completely blown…

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By Fraser McAlpine