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Apartments on Waterside Plaza (Pic: Tom Scott)
Apartments on Waterside Plaza (Pic: Tom Scott)
Apartments on Waterside Plaza (Pic: Tom Scott)

Tom Scott’s YouTube series Things You Might Not Know is a glorious enterprise, and one we’ve featured in Anglophenia before. You may remember him from such films as as “Why do the British have separate hot and cold taps?

So it’s with a continuing sense of pride and delight that we bring you this, the story of Waterside Plaza in New York, which is further into the Hudson river than it was 80 years ago, and it’s all thanks to the Luftwaffe and the good people of Bristol.

And this will be house rubble, remember. So it’s not just bricks and mortar, but plaster, wallpaper, paint and authentic British dust too. Waterside Plaza is built upon the remains of an entire community, all of whom will have spoken with the West Country burr of Stephen Merchant.

So if you ever find yourself in the general area and are suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to call someone “my lover” as a term of general greeting rather than intimate affection, now you know why.

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By Fraser McAlpine