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Ed Sheeran and Wayne Rooney pose for a snap. (Twitter)

What happens when a pop singer and a footballer stroll into a pub? No, this is not a lead-up to a joke; it’s an actual question.

And, the answer: it results in chart topper Ed Sheeran and famed Manchester United player Wayne Rooney performing an impromptu duet.

It’s always fun to see celebrities outside of their natural habitat, in this case an arena (for both actually). Rooney went to see Sheeran perform a concert at Manchester Arena on October 28, and next thing we know, this happened (NSFW due to language):

The folks at RadioTimes thought Rooney might need some practice with his pitch, but this isn’t his arena. With that said, let’s see Sheeran get out on the soccer field.

At the end of the day, the duo had a fun time as seen in this Twitter snap:

Do you think Wayne Rooney held his own?

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By Brigid Brown