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Mr. Grey will see you now. (YouTube)

Fifty Shades of Grey hits movie theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015. How do we know that? The movie people have been reminding us of it for an entire year.

Let’s do the math: since last November, Focus Features has released a first look photo of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character, a movie poster, a fake job advert at Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., a second movie poster, a trailer … and now … a 15-second trailer announcing the second trailer being released on November 14. Does that all add up?

It’s as if Christian Grey himself is behind this marketing scheme with all the teasing.

With that said, after enough buildup, here is the very short second trailer’s trailer below:

On a scale of 1-10 what was the sizzle-factor for this trailer?

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By Brigid Brown