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Think Murray and The Count will be invited to Benedict's wedding? (PBS)
Think Murray and The Count will be invited to Benedict's wedding? (PBS)
Think Murray Monster and The Count will be invited to Benedict’s wedding? (PBS)

The Sesame Street theme song asks the age-old question, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” The directions might be a little tricky if coming from the U.K., but some of our favorite British actors and singers have made their way to the famous street. Julie Andrews kicked off the trend in 1973, followed by other Brits since then like Fan Favorites Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. You know you’ve “made it” when you’re invited to rub elbows with the likes of Kermit the Frog, Snuffleupagus, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Murray Monster, and Elmo.

Today (November 10) marks the 45th anniversary of Sesame Street’s debut in 1969. Let’s celebrate with some of our friends:

1. Julie Andrews (1973)

The legendary Julie Andrews appeared in a number of Sesame Street specials, including her very own Julie on Sesame Street. Who better than Mary Poppins herself to share a rendition of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” with Kermit the Frog and teach Mr. Snuffleupagus how to dance?

2. Jeremy Irons (1988)

Jeremy Irons lends his famous baritone voice to an all-star celebrity sing-along of “Put Down the Duckie” as part of a PBS pledge drive special. You may also recognize fellow Brits Gordon Jackson and Jean Marsh.

3. Liam Neeson (1999/2001)

You may be more used to seeing Liam Neeson as an action star, but behind the scenes, he’s a bit more of a gentle giant. Here he is, being directed by The Count and Rubber Duckie.

4. James Blunt (2005)

Chances are, you’re familiar with James Blunt’s hit song, “You’re Beautiful.” But have you heard him belt out his parody, “My Triangle”?

5. Patrick Stewart (2008)

Though he doesn’t break out in song, Patrick Stewart’s ability to recite a Shakespearean soliloquy solely on the letter B is just as impressive.

6. David Beckham (2008)

Persistence is key to any sport, so it’s only fitting that Sesame Street calls in world-renowned soccer star David Beckham to teach us all about the art of not giving up. And while he was at it, he did a quick-fire Q&A with Elmo backstage.

7. Ricky Gervais (2009)

We’ve all had trouble sleeping from time to time, but if you’re Elmo, you’re lucky enough to get Ricky Gervais to sing you a Celebrity Lullaby. Whether or not this is helpful, however, is a different story.

8. Jude Law (2010)

Can you blame the Muppets for sticking to Jude Law like glue? A quick lesson in the word “cling” turns a bit of a Muppet fest on his sweater.

9. Craig Ferguson (2011)

Craig Ferguson teams up with Elmo to explain the word “experiment,” and recruit some chicken friends to help illustrate their hypothesis of, “How many chickens does it take to pick up Craig?”

10. Elvis Costello (2011)

Elmo joins singer Elvis Costello in singing about learning the numbers one through ten. The duo sing the song, “Monster Went and Ate my Red Shoes”, to the tune of Costello’s original song, “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes.”

11. Henry Cavill (2013)

Henry Cavill has a chat with Elmo about the word “respect,” but they are rudely interrupted by the Big Bad Wolf as he chases after the Three Little Pigs.

12. Lena Headey (2013)

Lena Headey joins Murray Monster, but Murray has a little bit of a freak out because he can’t remember the word. What is it?

13. Ian McKellen (2013)

Ian McKellen runs into a hurdle on Sesame Street but the word “please,” proves to be magical.

14. Ed Sheeran (2013)

Singer Ed Sheeran actually received a special invite from Elmo over the phone. The people at Sesame Street talk about how they decide who is invited to Sesame Street in the below clip.

15. Tom Hiddleston (2013)
Tom Hiddleston takes a cookie-break, and it doesn’t take long for Cookie Monster to make his way over.

16. Benedict Cumberbatch (2014)

Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch runs into his arch nemesis Murray-arty.

17. One Direction (2014)
Bert, of Bert and Ernie, asks two of the lads from One Direction, Liam Payne and Harry Styles, if they know their ABCs. Do they?

Do you have a favorite clip? 

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By Kimberly Truong