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Daniel Radcliffe (Pic: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Daniel Radcliffe (Pic: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Daniel Radcliffe (Pic: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

…and yes, it’s exactly what you think.

Imagine you’re internationally famous for a thing you did when you were a kid, a thing you’re proud of, something you’re still happy to be reminded of from time to time, but very much a thing that doesn’t represent you as an adult. Maybe you could burp the alphabet in many languages, maybe you had all the scout badges it is possible to get, and had to wear a special cloak just to give them equal prominence.

Now imagine how tiring it would get if, whenever you went for a job interview or spoke to someone about a blocked drain, they reminded you of your childhood fame. “I’m surprised you didn’t wanna tackle this yourself, maybe get your plumbing badge,” the wisacres would say. Or, “c’mon, one good belch will clear this in no time, get to it, Windy.”

And that’s exactly why Daniel Radcliffe (or DENIAL Radcliffe, amirite?) refuses to wear glasses in his everyday life, even when he eventually needs them. Harry Potter has been kind to him, Harry Potter has given his career the kind of jump-start normally associated with trips to the moon, but he is not Harry Potter any more. And as Harry Potter famously wore those round John Lennon glasses, Daniel Radcliffe will not.

Speaking to MTV News, he said: “It’s gonna be contacts or like triangular glasses or something just to really put some distance.”

Although he is quick to admit that the shadow of Harry and general wizardry is going to be behind him for quite some time yet: “There is no one film that fully separates me, in the eyes of everyone else, from Harry Potter – that isn’t going to happen.

“It’s about building up as diverse and interesting a body of work as I can. I’m looking forward to the day where I can release a film and it not be talked about in [relation to Harry Potter].”

I know, right, that WOULD be magic.

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By Fraser McAlpine