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Chef James Briscione in the kitchen. (James Briscione)
Chef James Briscione in the kitchen. (James Briscione)
Chef James Briscione in the kitchen. (James Briscione)

Chef James Briscione‘s career began humbly; he was a football star and dishwasher at a brunch spot in his adolescence. He turned down a college football scholarship to ascend the back-of-house restaurant ladder and became an impressive “chef de cuisine at the incredible age of 23.” Briscione is now “Director of Culinary Development at the Institute of Culinary Education” and in 2009 was championed Food Network’s Chopped first-ever victor.

His résumé since Chopped included instruction under European master chefs in Venice, Italy in 2011, and formulating ICE’s Cuisine Technology Program by collaborating with IBM to demonstrate how culinary technology can be beneficial in the kitchen. The IBM collaboration has produced “a food truck that uses computing to reinvent your favorite foods.” Further, he’s just composed his first cookbook, Just Married & Cooking, with his wife Brooke Parkhurst. Is there anything Briscione can’t do?

On Wednesday (November 19), we were honored to have Briscione, tweeting from @iceculinary, join us for a @MindtheGap_BBCA #MindTheChat Twitter session answering followers’ questions concerning what makes a truly fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner. Let’s see what Turkey Day advice Briscione and fellow participants had for us:


What are the biggest “rookie” mistakes you could make this Thanksgiving and how can you prevent them?


Some tips on how to keep your turkey moist:


And don’t bake your turkey in a plastic bag, people!


Pumpkin pie or apple pie… or both…?


Some advice on where to get the best brussell sprouts (hint: Briscione says the best ones have been adapted from Momofuku‘s):


How do Brits feel about the all-too-American marshmallows atop sweet potatoes combo?


How do some Brits see Thanksgiving traditions?


How should cranberry sauce be handled?


Best Thanksgiving cocktails:


And what Thanksgiving can expats and Americans alike not stand?


Briscione gives his two cents on what to do with all those leftovers:


Or, you could always make a Thanksgiving Sandwich:


Lastly, Briscione explains why he prefers Thanksgiving over Christmas and delivers his favorite Thanksgiving recipe:


For more info on the collaboration between IBM and ICE, click here. Check out Briscione’s Education and Consultations, information on Private Dinners, his his Facebook page for info on Just Married and Cooking. Also you can contact him here to arrange private cooking lessons!

Join @MindTheGap_BBCA on Twitter every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm ET for a Q&A using hashtag #MindTheChat.

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By Helen Donahue