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Michelle Gomez as Missy in 'Death in Heaven' (Pic: BBC)
Michelle Gomez as Missy in 'Death in Heaven' (Pic: BBC)
Michelle Gomez as Missy in ‘Death in Heaven’ (Pic: BBC)

*SPOILERS* Don’t read if you haven’t yet seen “Death in Heaven.”

That’s it then. Season 8 has been and gone and all we have to show for it are some deep emotional scars and vastly depleted personal stocks of adrenaline. The Doctor and Clara have said a fond farewell. We’ve lost a few good friends along the way, and made the acquaintance of a few new ones, and even caught up with some old acquaintances, albeit radically changed since the last time we saw them.

Watch BBC America’s 15 greatest moments of Season Eight here.

And it’s all thanks to Missy. Had it not been for her meddling hand, Clara would never have met the Doctor, the Doctor would never have been rescued when the Great Intelligence invaded his personal time-line on Trenzalore, and the whole of universal history would be very different. We have a lot to thank Missy for, but also a lot to blame her for, not least what she did to poor Osgood.

Here’s our recap of Missy’s finest hour: “Death in Heaven”

And here’s the Doctor Who Extra for “Death in Heaven,” in which Steven Moffat hints that Missy (or the Master, at least) may not be 100% gone for good:

And a behind-the-scenes interview with Peter Capaldi on the topic of returning villains:

There are photos spanning all of Season Eight at BBC America, and also a Radio Times mega-quiz.

RadioTimes designer Stuart Manning draws inspiration from both Rorschach-style inkblots and the opening sequence of Skyfall for this week’s poster for “Death in Heaven”:


Speaking of Osgood, let’s pause and pay tribute to our fallen comrades. First, the history of Danny Pink:

(And a restful moment from Samuel Anderson’s Instagram)

Regram @theblackpaddy: “The album cover! #dannypink #cyberdanny #DoctorWho #DeathInHeaven”

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

And Osgood herself, an interview with Ingrid Oliver about her time on the show:

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• The trailer for the Christmas Special is here! And once again we get to see Nick Frost as Santa Claus (just as we did at the end of “Death in Heaven”) and marvel at how very suitable his name is for playing this particular role. Not only because of Ol’ Saint Nick, but also Father Frost, the Russian Santa:

Jenna Coleman spoke to InStyle UK, revealing the secret trick the production team use to reconcile her height difference with Peter Capaldi: “I often have to stand on an apple box when we’re filming. It’s called ‘Jenna’s Box’ and it gets brought out when I need to fit into a particular shot – like the Yellow Pages!”

And talked about the difference between the Eleventh and Twelfth incarnations of the Doctor: “I think it’s that Peter’s Doctor doesn’t even register the fact that Clara’s a girl, whereas with Matt’s Doctor it was more of a flirtatious relationship.”

• Speaking of the various Doctors, we’ve updated our Doctor Who personality quiz, so now you can find out which Doctor you are from all twelve AND the War Doctor.

• Peter Capaldi designed a Doctor Who themed Paddington bear statue.

• And reminded us all of why he’s the Doctor with this beautiful message for a nine-year-old boy who lost his nanny:

• i09 tells you which Doctor Who stories are based on real science.

• Let’s end with something terrifically good. We’re used to seeing key parts of Doctor Who animated with Lego, but this is the final scene of “The Time of the Doctor” animated with animation AND Lego. Hats off to BlobVanDam for making it.


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By Kimberly Truong