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Catherine Tate and David Tennant in 'Doctor Who' (Pic)
Catherine Tate and David Tennant in 'Doctor Who' (Pic)
Catherine Tate and David Tennant in ‘Doctor Who’ (Pic: BBC)

Catherine Tate has recently admitted that she and David Tennant so enjoyed working together on Doctor Who, and subsquently on their production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that they are both actively searching for another project they can work on together.

In a webchat with the Guardian, she explained that their working process had been a delight from the first moment in the TARDIS, when this happened:

She said: “Working with David is the best. We get on so well and it’s just always so much fun. It’s just that something clicked when we first started working together from day one on “The Runaway Bride” and hopefully will continue to.

“We’re looking for future projects together.”

Although that probably doesn’t mean a return to Doctor Who, what with the precarious state of Donna Noble’s memory:

“Unfortunately I think Donna’s storyline would prevent her from coming back. Any memory of the Doctor, of her time travelling with him, and the adventures she embarked on, would kill her. So I can’t see a storyline being able to bring her back.”

The full webchat is here, in which, among other things, Catherine admits that she doesn’t like, and has never liked tea.

I know, right?

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By Fraser McAlpine