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Karen Gillan in TV On The Radio's 'Happy Idiot' video (Pic: Happy or Die)
Karen Gillan in TV On The Radio's  'Happy Idiot' video (Pic: Happy or Die)
Karen Gillan in TV On The Radio’s ‘Happy Idiot’ video (Pic: Happy or Die)

Here’s a curious thing. Paul Reubens starring as a racing driver called Racer Steven, in a promotional video for the TV On The Radio song “Happy Idiot”, and as he hurtles around the track in the desert, he sees a beautiful woman with long red hair doing various slightly disturbing things to try and distract him.

Hang on, is that… Karen Gillan? In her ‘Karen Gillan’s old hair’ wig? Yes! Yes it is!

TV on the Radio “Happy Idiot” feat. Paul Reubens and Karen Gillan from Funny Or Die

The band’s lead singer Tunde Adebimpe told Radio Times he was delighted at the chance to work with Karen, thanks in no small part to her immaculate nerd credentials: “Karen Gillan was absolutely great. We were really psyched to work with her, because she’s basically sci-fi royalty, and a great person. Full on geek fest in the desert.”

But really, based on this and our roundup of her Twitter greatest hits from yesterday, is ANYONE having as much fun with being famous as she is right now?

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By Fraser McAlpine