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Karen Gillan in 'Selfie' (Photo: ABC)
Karen Gillan in 'Selfie' (Photo: ABC)
Karen Gillan in ‘Selfie’ (Photo: ABC)

As leaves change from green to gold, and sweater weather becomes inevitable, a matter weighs heavy on our minds. Bundled in blankets on the couch with a remote in one hand and a pumpkin-spice latte in the other, what are we supposed to watch at night?

On Wednesday (October 1), TV Critic for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and founder of TV Worth Watching, David Bianculli joined us via MindtheGap_BBCA on Twitter for a #MindTheChat to answer that very question.

Here are some of the suggestions we got to bring more pleasure to our fall TV viewing experience:

Bianculli talks best British comedies, recommending a relatively recent pick and a far less recent one:

He then waxes poetic on the future of Modern Family:

He comments on the eighth season of Doctor Who:

When asked if he’s a Justified fan, Bianculli admits he thinks it’s the best drama on current TV:

He also shares his opinion when asked if he can predict the future of new ABC show Selfie starring Karen Gillan (Doctor Who):

Moreover, his opinion on The Affair, starring Dominic West (The Wire) and Ruth Wilson (Luther):

When propositioned over how cool it would be if Doctor Who somehow landed the TARDIS in Downton Abbey territory, Bianculli said it would make a fantastic Christmas special:


Finally, Bianculli shares his last thoughts on current television stating he likes Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of The Big Bang Theory‘s new pixie cut and The Good Wife will survive, although Josh Charles’ character Will Gardner has not:

Bianculli also let’s us all know that Broadchurch (starring David Tennant of Doctor Who mega-fame) is now available for purchase on Amazon through Amazon Instant Video and on DVD:


To read more of Bianculli’s opinions on TV follow his Twitter and check out TV Worth Watching.

To learn more about Fresh Air you can check out NPR’s Fresh Air webpage and listen to Bianculli and Gross discuss contemporary issues daily.

Join @MindTheGap_BBCA on Twitter every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm ET for a Q&A using hashtag #MindTheChat.

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By Helen Donahue