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"Now, where would one find this 'hash-tag' I hear so much about?" The Queen tweets (Pic: Twitter)
"Where would one find this 'hash-tag' I hear so much about?" The Queen tweets (Pic: Twitter)
“Now, where would one find this ‘hash-tag’ I hear so much about?” The Queen tweets (Pic: Twitter)

This should not feel momentous, really. Now that almost everyone is on Twitter (apart from the people who make a fuss about not being on Twitter) the presence of the the head of the British Royal Family should be of no real consequence.

And it’s not as if the monarchy don’t have their own Twitter feed already. Actually @BritishMonarchy has been up and running since 2009. However, it’s been plain that the account is run by people in her office, the Queen is not actually sending her own tweets. Until today. And Twitter being such a personalized space, it is as if she has suddenly walked through the front door and asked for a cup of tea.

This digital breakthrough (quite literally, given that she launched it with one of her digits) happened as part of the launch of a new gallery devoted to the Information Age at the Science Museum in London. Rather than cut a ribbon or smash a bottle of champagne across a nearby bough, Her Majesty pressed a screen on a tablet, and this message came out.

And then, because Twitter is a hotbed of suspicion and cynicism, this was followed by two tweets of confirmation that it really was her. First this:

And then the photo of her actually doing it:

Still, it’s not quite as visually dramatic as the ribbon/champagne thing, is it?

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By Fraser McAlpine