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When we’re no longer confined to classrooms of 20 or more of our peers, one of the most challenging things, in adulthood, is establishing no less maintaining friendships. Whether you’re an expat or just a, er, patriot, everyone could use a bit of friendship advice these days. Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and we’re fortunate enough to have “friendship gurus.” We were joined by friendship specialist Cherie Burbach Wednesday (October 8) for a @MindtheGap_BBCA #MindTheChat Twitter session for guidance on creating and sustaining healthy friendships.

How exactly does one become recognized as a friendship guru? Well, just take a look at Burbach’s résumé. She’s About.Com‘s resident friendship expert, maintains a blog on friendship, relationships, and more, and five of her 15 books are on relationships and dating (which is basically friendship on steroids). She also has a genuine passion for helping people. Here are some of Burbach and participants’ best suggestions for expats querying how to get friendly in the States:

You can make friends at work:


You can make small talk, but it takes practice:


You can join an expat group:


You can connect through experiences:


You can open yourself to new perspectives:


You can make friends with the owners or your favorite bar and meet locals:


You can network on the web:


Or join clubs and attend seminars pertaining to your interests:


You can join


You can even make friends while doing a load of laundry:


Burbach had some further advice; tips that she’s used herself:


To read more of Burbach’s friendship advice, check out her various social media outlets: her official website, page, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Who knows, you could become friends!

Join @MindTheGap_BBCA on Twitter every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm ET for a Q&A using hashtag #MindTheChat.

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By Helen Donahue