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"Are you on the list?" (YouTube)
"Are you on the list?" (YouTube)
“Are you on the list?” (YouTube)

It’s kind of the worst when you to head to a club to find it’s at full capacity, and the only way to get in is “one in, one out.” It’s even worse, if it’s your train ride home.

A London Tube car was transformed into a full-fledge nightclub, which required ID and status, according to the London Evening Standard.

The video kicks off with house music blaring, and the “doorman” asking a young train rider for ID saying, “Listen man, if you’re underage, you can’t come in side the club. Okay?”

The doorman had a soft spot and let the backpack-clad commuter in for “once dance only.” The young guy stayed comfortably seated.

The “security guard” steps up, making sure the camera man isn’t carrying anything illegal.

The doorman announces to the semi-crowded train car, “It’s one in, one out,” right as someone gets in the car. The commuter was smart though and showed up prepared saying, “I’m on the list.”

Is that it all it takes?

The rave was very selective; it looks like there were only three people on the other side of the velvet rope, including a shirtless man dressed as a gladiator. But, balloons do make a party, so there was that.

You can watch the party in full effect in the below video:

Would you queue up for this dance party? Or wait for the next train? 

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By Brigid Brown